Bicycles and Hippies

Leah 067If you haven’t guessed by the title of this blog let me clarify for you. I am in the Capitol of throwback 60’s, Harley Davidson’s, long haired surfer dudes where Jimmy Buffet is King, yes, you said it: KEY WEST, FLORIDA!

I know I said that this blog wasn’t going to be a travelogue…but, I also said I would write whatever comes to mind. I am missing my cat Stelle but not so much my mother in law. Is that a horrible thing to say? I’m pretty sure she doesn’t miss me either, in fact she is probably watching TV naked with the volume turned to the Max. while lying in her bed with a box of cantucci cookies. On the other hand, Stelle probably misses me fiercely. I just hope ‘mama’ remembers to feed the little fur ball occasionally.

Leah 086Anyways, back in Key West, my mode of transportation today was a bicycle. It seemed like a fun way to explore this tiny haven and stop to take some photos along the way. The guy on the pier wanted $15, but I walked a bit down the road and got my bike for $9. Only after I mounted the little beast did I discover that my chariot of choice had a foot brake! ~ I haven’t ridden a bike with a foot brake since I was 10. I felt like PeeWee Herman…no wonder I got a deal.Leah 069

I am not so good at reporting details of a place, but I will recount some tidbits of knowledge that I picked up along the way. The first thing that strikes me about Key West are the houses. They are your typical white, all America homes with colourful shutters and wide front porches. If you have a starfish plaque on the outside, next to your door, this symbolizes that your home is recognized by the Key West Historical Association.

Leah 050It’s not unusual to see a pristine home nestled next to a beat up, run down shack of a home either. From what I gather, a lot of homes are not painted because this was a way to avoid paying taxes because technically your home was ‘not finished yet.’ But, Floridians do take a lot of pride in their surroundings so for the most part it’s a pretty place to look at.

My first stop was to get a key lime pie. Again, what adventure or blog of mine would be complete without the mention of food? I can actually make key lime pie, but the best is right here where it originated. I bought the whole pie so we can savour it later at dinner with the Captain and his wife…but I’m not sure I can wait that long, do you think they will notice there is a piece missing?

Leah 055I also took photos of things around town like Ernest Hemingway’s house, an enormous Banyan tree (I’ll post more of these tress later) and various other points of interest. There are aLeah 078lso a few odd homes with stiletto heels Leah 110attached to tree trunks and scooters with unusual decorations on the island too…perhaps the Pirates left one too many barrels of Rum behind?


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1 Response to Bicycles and Hippies

  1. Elora says:

    Furball will be fine 🙂 Am enjoying your travelogue..enjoying you eating pie without me a bit less…..

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