Freeport, Bahamas

I hate to admit it, but I have actually been to Freeport many times but never ventured out too far from the ship. You see, there isn’t much to see or do here and because most ships arrive early and depart at 2 p.m. it hardly seemed worth the bother.

BeachpicBut today was different. Knowing that I will be coming to this port at least another 6 or 7 times, I was determined to find some hidden gem. Now that I no longer worked on board, I was able to take a fresh look at Freeport without the concerns of having to race back to the ship, eat, shower, dress and be ready for work by 1 pm.

In the morning I decided to quickly Google “Freeport” and see what I would find. And what I found was a deserted sandy beach and a slice of heaven! The port taxi dispatcher was determined to shuttle us along with the 2,000 plus other passengers to Lucayan Beach. When I protested and asked for Xanadu Beach he said “but there is no shopping there”. I said “perfect!”Bicyclenboots

Xanadu Beach was in fact closer to the ship and almost deserted. Aside from us there were maybe 6 other toursists lingering on this wide stretch of sandy bliss. There was no music and no watersports. There was a resort and bar which were both closed or half empty because of the summer season. The sound of birds and surf were music to our ears!

The luxuriously warm water was shallow for miles, clear and sandy. KalikbeerWhen I stood still, small, white fish surrounded me and tickled my feet with tiny fish bites. We rented chairs for only $2 each and lounged under a thatch covered umbrella. It rained very hard twice, but we seeked shelter at the bar and even managed to get our hands on some cold Kalik beers to wait out the rain.

PelicanandSeagullI spotted this pelican flying close to the water’s edge searching for food. A seagull perched on his head but he obviously was having none of it and managed to shake  him off a few times.

Not sure of the reliability of transportation, we asked our faithful, churchgoing, taxi driver ‘Neville’ to return at 12:30. On the way back to the ship he graciously gave us a small tour of his island.Pelican1

So, I if you like the off-beaten path, Xanadu Beach is worth the $22 taxi ride. PelicaninFlightI’m not sure what it’s like in peak season because it scored 4-5 stars from Spring breakers singing the resorts praises, so it could just be dumb luck that our timing in early July was our saving grace for a quiet respite from the masses…I don’t really care. I, for one, will be back!


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