Sexy underwear

Much to my horror, I came to the realization that I don’t wear sexy underwear anymore. Let me back up a bit, because this is not going where you might think!

This realization came about in a very roundabout way you see. The other day I was out with a group of colleagues from work. We are all women and my boss was having us over for lunch. It was quite cloudy in the morning so all of us, including myself, were wearing jeans. By the time we reached her house though, the sun had come out and it became hot.

We took a trip to the local river where people sunbathed and swam in the refreshing water. I love swimming and was determined to go in the water even though I didn’t bring one of my 8 bikinis with me! So, off came the jeans and the top and in I went. It was great. I was marvelling at the fact that no one else seemed to follow my lead and that isn’t it great to have a female boss! My attitude towards the other sunbathers was that I would probably never see these people again so who cares.

The next day I was telling my male friend about my swimming in the river and how it was disappointing when none of my other female colleagues joined me – even though they were all younger than myself. He, being a guy and Italian, asked the most obvious question which was “were your underwear sexy?” This is when, to my horror, I realized that no, in fact they weren’t even close! (sorry to disappoint any of my male readership although my dad is probably blushing by now-sorry dad!)

So, I suppose the only person that would be grateful for this story is my husband because I am not wearing sexy underwear while he is out of the country! Otherwise, if perhaps they were sexy, I would not have had the exhilarating pleasure of swimming in that gorgeously refreshing river. So, nah nah to all of you!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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