Fashionably not!

LeahatZorbinoOne of the things that struck me the most about Genova, Italy was the incredible lack of fashion sense! Within a stone’s throw to Milan, the fashion capitol of designers, I cannot fail to hide my disappointment at the way people (women especially) dress here.

I am not exactly a fashion diva myself, but I will confess that I had 6 Barbies when I was a little girl and I loved to put on my mom’s sky high shoes and silky tops and dance around the house to Donna Summer’s Disco beats. I am 100% girl and love any opportunity to dress up in heels and a dress.

The problem here is, it is almost impossible to walk on the streets in those great shoes that the Italian’s are so worldly famous for! The streets are hilly and made of irregular shaped stones that would throw even a seasoned fashion model careening ungracefully onto her butt trying to walk on them.

But this is just the beginning of my fashion woes. I am already 5’8″ and blond, so any sort of heeled shoe amongst these short Italians makes me look like Amazon Woman coming in to rescue the town. In addition, I have long legs and so if I wear a skirt above my knee and heels I am surely to get propositioned on the street for something I am certainly not interested in having translated thank you very much!

I have a closet full of nice dresses and heels and yet every day I stand in front of my closet and do a mental calculation of how many buses I have to catch and how many miles I will have to walk that day. Once this is done I can choose which shoe is the most sensible and go from there. The problem is, the trainers win out most of the time.

Perhaps this is why I am so disappointed every time I walk downtown in Genova. I see a sea of women wearing too high a heel and struggling over the irregular sidewalks or like myself, they have just given up the battle and resorted to trainers and jeans for practical sake.

Of course, this still does not excuse the ones that are pushing 60 with leathery skin (that has seen far too many beach days) sporting a far too short and tight skirt coupled with cleavage overspill and trendy chunky jewelry that probably cost a small fortune because after all it’s Dolce and Gabana. I am hard pressed to stop them and ask “what were you thinking?”

I suppose they may be saying the same thing about my North American style when I hop into the Coop grocery store wearing a baseball cap and track pants? Lord knows, some of these women wouldn’t be caught dead filling their gas tanks without heels and red lipstick.

My mom is one of these women who never leaves the house without lipstick and cute shoes. I guess I take after her with my closet full of great clothes. I will admit to wearing socks with my summer sandals because to be honest, it’s really quite comfortable…but I will still draw the line at wearing them outside in public! Maybe one day it won’t matter any more, but I doubt it, after all, I am a woman.


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