Turning left instead of right

I have swam with sharks once, dolphins twice and stingrays three times. I lived in the Cayman Islands for 2 years and sailed on cruise ships for 5. I am not rich, nor am I famous, I am just adventurous!

I have had these adventures because I chose to. No miracle happened and I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I just chose a different path than most based on the cards that were dealt to me.

I have also jumped out of a plane in Mexico, went white water rafting in Canada and stayed overnight in the jungle in Belize (okay, it was a resort, but I was alone!)

I sang for my supper on ships, waitressed in blistering Caribbean heat on the beach in Grand Cayman and even sprayed temporary tattoos while living abroad. I always thought my life would end up much differently than it is but that’s okay, I am certainly not complaining one bit.

But, sadly, after so much travel and adventure, it does take a bit to impress me now. Surely the bar has been raised on my expectations but I also needed to get back to appreciating the simple things like a bird chirping and a dog barking. This is the reason I decided to trade in my ‘mermaid status’ and get my land legs back for good.

I have been living in Genova, Italy since September 2008. I am still processing those pesky documents that makes it all legit etc. but nevertheless, I live here and I love it!DSC04455

DSC04456This past Wednesday my friend Elora and I ventured into the Genova Aquario (Aquarium). What a treat! It is good to get back to basics and day to day life just to be able to appreciate such things as a local attraction like the Aquarium. If you ever visit Genova, be sure to add this little gem to your ‘must see’ list.DSC04269


So, I have shared a few photos with you here, but I also urge you to go visit Elora’s blog (http://eloradaphne.wordpress.com) because she is the real photographer and has captured some great shots of the Aquarium and Italy.

In the meantime, I am packing my suitcases with mixed feelings. I would love to stay here for the summer and enjoy more of the simple life, but I also miss my husband who has been at sea since mid-May. So, overseas I go for the summer to visit family in Canada and sail the Caribbean with my husband.DSC04036

Did I mention yet how lucky I am???
Life is full of choices, all you have to do is turn left instead of right and the whole world can open its doors to you : )


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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