Planes, trains and automobiles

For anyone who has ever flown Alitalia, you have my deepest sympathies. The service, if you can call it that, borders on scolding passengers for getting up to go to the toilet when clearly the “occupato” sign is illuminated and can’t you feel the turbulence you idiot? expressions.

Cinque Terre 022As for train service in Italy, well they are hardly ever on time so it is quite easy to get on the wrong one unless you triple check with at least 3 people that it does in fact stop where you need to stop. I have, on several occasions, gotten on an express or bullet train only to end up much further out of the city with only a brief view of the station at 90 kph of my proposed stop!

But now that I have mastered the train schedules, I have decided to venture out more in the car. After all, I got my driver’s permit in Toronto and it’s no picnic to drive there either.

The speed limit and lines on the road appear to be merely a guideline and not necessarily a hard and fast rule. The scooter’s zigzag around cars while the drivers smoke cigarettes and chat on their mobile phones honking and cursing at anyone or anything in their path.

DSC00741The roads in the countryside are the best of all; Narrow and hilly with stone walls inches from your side view mirrors. We’ve got an old Fiat Panda. It’s a great little car and is referred to as the “farmer’s car” because it’s a real workhorse. Admittedly, I have scraped the side wall on more than one occasion and also dragged a shrub or two turning the little beast around, but after all it is Spring, and quite frankly, why haven’t they trimmed those blasted things back already?

Happy Trails : )DSC00670


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  1. Sharon Bellows says:

    After having driven 70 mph on “country roads” that are supposed to be two way (thought two cars cannot pass each other) with a mnaual transmission car in Scotland and having to slam on the breaks for a lost sheep!!!! I know what you mean.,…lol fun!

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