DSC03429The photo on my homepage is from one of our trees in the country. Italians take their olive oil quite seriously and we are quite proud of our organic stock!

My husband’s family owns a cottage in the country. Actually it’s really part of a villa in Portofino but saying that just sounds so pretentious to my humble Canadian ears. The “cottage” is on a hill overlooking acres of olive trees with a modest view of the sea below.

The olive nets are almost as old as the trees I think and in preparation for last season’s picking I spent the month prior sewing up all the holes in them. Perched up on a hill with some sturdy fishing line, a deck chair and my mobile phone, I did what any other woman would have done and sat up there chatting with my girlfriends as I sewed. But, as mobile calls are not cheap in Italy, I was soon left with a zero balance singing ‘O Solo Mio to the birds!

We managed to get 83 Litres of oil and that was only from half the trees! We ran out of time to do the rest because my husband had to go back to sea.

I live in the city with my mother in law and in November we brought down 20 litres to the apartment figuring that this would have covered our daily needs for a while. Boy, was I ever wrong! Not only did we run out of oil, she went to the supermarket to buy a bottle because she forgot to ask me to bring more home! So, the story of the cobbler’s kids having no shoes really does ring true!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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