I’m on a roll…

Spring is definitely my favourite season and I am a bit wisteria obsessed too…so, here is another mini-photo session from today’s walk with Yuri, the wonder dog. He is not mine, he is my nephew, and I love him so much!


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Best Parking in Camogli!


This past weekend I participated in another car event. This one was a much larger group and we had the privilege of parking along the extended walkway in a sweet seaside village called Camogli. After another four hour lunch, I was excited to catch some more photographs before we had to leave. I noticed that the pastel buildings reflected beautifully back onto the chrome and bright colours of the cars. I hope you enjoy this next series of some Vintage Fiat 500’s and more!

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Bumper sticker

This one is for apollard…


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Raduno Fun

My love affair with vintage cars and motorbikes continues and the Spring season is kicking off with a string of upcoming Car Rallies. Yesterday, I participated in one at a small seaside village called Bogliasco. After my first full year as a member of the Italian FIAT 500 Club and 500 Mania Genova, I am starting to make some friends and see more familiar faces.

As is with all old cars, I am having some mechanical issues with my starter. I think I have kind of figured out the jiggle movement needed to get it to work, but it is now added to my list of ‘things to repair’. But, as I was so preoccupied with my car starting, I hadn’t noticed that my passenger door didn’t close properly until I was well on my way down a curvy road. Whoa! Imagine my surprise when I took the curve and my passenger door swung open! Yikes! And even though the car is small enough to reach across, I wasn’t able to close it because it doesn’t close properly. I had to pull over, walk around the car and jiggle the handle and then close it.

So the technical word for today is officially “Jiggle”.

I had a fun day, a police escorted ride through the winding roads and hills with a group of about 50 cars. We then proceeded to eat a huge lunch which lasted about 5 hours. I only had one negative encounter, which really just made me giggle. We all park our cars in these tiny Piazzas and so we block each other in. Apparently, I was not reversing my car fast enough for the guy in front of me and so he started waving his arms and honking his horn! Dude! You are driving a car with a motor the size of my dad’s John Deer lawnmower! Take a chill pill please.

We have these bumper stickers that they pass out to club members. It is in Italian but the translation is “From 0 to 100 in ten minutes”, apparently this guy didn’t get his…

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos.

Ciao for now,


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Brush Strokes


A new reader and friend has recently asked to see more of my art. I have been so busy that I only now realise that I have painted a lot more since my last post about it, so here is a mini-gallery of what is new. I think I am kinda getting the hang of it!


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Bidets Unite!

Apparently, not all bidets are created equal. Who knew! For the past two years I’ve been knee deep in drama I would rather pass on, a book project that I had a love/hate relationship with (resistance can be quite powerful) and a house renovation. If you follow this blog, then you know firsthand that with all these other pots on my stove, I have not been posting as much as usual. But, hopefully that is about to change.

The good news is that my book finally got published. Self-published, but who cares, it is on Amazon and I have paperback copies on the way and some positive feedback so far, yay! And, here is the caveat…it is written in a pen-name. For many reasons that I will not go into here, but I do invite you to send an email,  if you want to know more about the book or how to get a copy.

Now, back to those pesky bidets. The house renovation is now in full swing. Walls have been knocked down and there seems to be a mad rush to choose fixtures, etc. What I would like to know is how can I tell a builder where I want my electrical sockets to go if I don’t even know where my bathroom sink will be? This is madness. The one bathroom alone has gone through at least ten different layout designs…years from now, I will still be bumping my head into walls, in the dark, for that midnight pee!

Before this past weekend, I never considered the differences in a toilet or bidet and never really cared that much. Oh wait, I still don’t! But alas, I have spent countless hours, that I will never get back, looking at bidet after bidet at shop after shop (ok, I exaggerated a bit, only 3 shops, but it felt so much like 10). Listen, I love design. But I also don’t come from the convention that everything has to be matchy, matchy either, but clearly I must be crazy for my selections.

With my hand held firmly, I am being guided down the path towards the light. My designer friends are probably getting a good chuckle from this. My whole life I have tried to colour inside the lines and that has never worked for me. As soon as I started colouring outside those crazy lines, miraculously, my life started to fit me better.

Anyway, I guess when it comes to basic things like bidets, it is best to follow some kinda magic formula (and the ‘so called experts’) just in case someone comes to visit, if only to reduce any suspicion that you may have been on acid for two years while making your selections.

Exhibit A…of course I can see the differences, but if I was in your house, using your bidet…I doubt I would even notice, let alone care! I’m more interested in whether or not you have toilet paper, to be honest. Maybe that is the North American in me, but toilet paper is your friend and bidets are to wash your stinky feet in, aren’t they?

I shall leave my crazy crayon box alone for now and let the experts point my sorry soul in the right direction and then buy colourful towels in pink and neon green for revenge, muahahahaha

Until we meet again!

xo L




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A man with a gun

I make it a habit to look in my rearview mirror a lot. When you drive in Italy, this actually makes a whole lotta sense because Italian drivers are insane and they will creep up from behind you on both sides and if you aren’t ready for them you will not only be eating their dust but you will most likely also get into an accident that they instigated but are no longer in sight.

Today, I got off the highway and started heading towards our house in the countryside. It’s in a pretty posh (snobby really) area so it is not unusual to see expensive cars zipping around. I was stopped at a traffic light, which was designated for a one-lane construction detour, so it was a pretty long light. When I started to move again at the green, I was at the head of the line so I made sure to look in my rearview mirror for any aggressive scooters who always try and squeak by to the front.

The weather today was pretty mild. We had a huge thunderstorm earlier and now it was like Spring. I even had my window down a crack to take in the fresh air breezing off the windy seaside. But…when I looked at the car behind me, there was a man in the backseat, his window was completely down, and he had his elbow resting on the door and his hand out the window pointing a small hand gun towards the wall we were passing. I honestly had to blink because I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. But there he was, waving a gun around out his window! Shit! Shit! Shit!

I was driving, so obviously I also had to look at the road ahead of me too. I did another glance in the mirror and tried desperately to memorize the license plate but I am hopeless. I was so flustered than none of the letters or numbers would stick into my head. I grabbed my phone and was desperately thinking of how I could snap a photo of the car without them noticing but they were really close behind me and I suddenly worried that they would shoot me if I took their photo.

I slowed down hoping for stopped traffic so I could quickly write it down when they abruptly turned right and disappeared towards the train station. I debated whether I should double back to the station to get the plate information or find the nearest police officer. I opted for plan B.

Only a few meters ahead, I spotted a policeman. I pulled over, honked quickly and waved him to me. He got angry at me and told me I could not stop there! I was like dude, come here, I’ve got something important to tell you! He slowly came to my car, I said there was a white Audi behind me, four men inside, someone was waving a gun out the window, they went towards the train station! He said are you sure? I was like what? Yes, I am sure. I’m not a lunatic. Then he asked me if I got their plate number, sigh. I racked my brain trying to recall something, anything and just came up blank.

He got out his phone and made a call and I drove away. I did in fact go to the train station thinking maybe I could sneak past and get the plate information but the car was nowhere in sight. They may have gone into the public parking area but at that point I decided to just leave.

Trying to find a white Audi in this town is not that hard actually. I passed by two others in town and I am sure there were many more so I doubt anything ever came of my frantic conversation with that lazy police officer. I don’t know what I really expected, but it is so frustrating when you pull your car up to a policeman on the road and are honking like a crazy person, that he might have put a bit of energy into why I was acting this way! No wonder no one respects them, they are useless. What if I was hurt? Having a heart attack, had an injured child in my car, sheesh!

And, that was my crazy adventure today! All true. And a bit exciting…as long as no one shot at me of course!

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